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okay so.. my mom took me to the burlington mall and i got some school clothes (i'll post pictures tomorrow). I saw Bree! I saw Heather Cain too she looks the same hah. Then we went to Wally World and I got the best pillow and most comfortable EVER and named it STD QUEEN ya'll don't know about that cept kaley and gab haha. Then we went uptown and then to Kaley's to pick her up.

We got to Gab's and chilled for a bit then went to Acme to do our usual thing ;) hah! We had so much fun. FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FRANKLIN!, "Speaking of shorties, would anyone like to smoke some illegal narcotics?" pink ninja's, ice ice baby, prankin kenny even though he knew it was us, "finger" painting our nails funky colors, john made a rap for us, tucking gabby in, turning the lights off it was pitch black so i rain up the stair screaming and head butted kaley in her crotch hahaha sooo funny. Well then we hopped in the bed with Gab around four and woke her up.

And then we got up and Bruce woke us up but we went back to sleep. And then we got ready when Gab came home from hockey and then we left for the mall. I got lots of clothes, again, ill post pictures tomorrow. We spent like an hour in AERO and kept going back in there. I lost them in PACSUN because of course Gabbs was starving. Then Heather picked us up and we went home.

I got ready for fieldhockey practice the first day back. Anita picked me up and I was shaving my legs in her car haha like the whole ride, and I was arguing with her little brother because he claimed that he "invent flavored mouth guards" lol. Then we got there and I saw everyone and it was the happiest I have ever been in a long time. Anita was wrapping my stick with Porter's tape and she was like "Is this tape double sided?" .."no.."   "oh no!" haha she was putting it on the wrong way, what a waste of tape. Running omfg it was so hard one lap around I could do, but 2, I was dying my rib cage omg.. "COME ON LADIES RUN OR YOU WILL BE *SNIP SNIP SNIP* CLIPPED!" lmfao!! Stacey needs to bring her stick waxed, gotta have it waxed! SHE HIT MY THIGH! I have the title of the first injury of the season haha. I made them carry me even though its just a bruise and I can walk. Haha we were looking for Ms Sink and went inside through the gym and to her office but she was right outside by us in the first place! Such retarts...well tomorrow my mom better get us some slushies man ;)



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