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I know somewhere my life won't be like this.

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last night i was chillin with chuck and this girl he's foolin around with named katie lol. we got some trees haha omg we had so much fun. "this song...is mad LONG" "its going to fast!" peeing down the slide. that nigga is up in the tree "you nigga whatchyu want im up here" haha that chicken was so good! It was spicey though. Thanks alot for hitting me with the bottle of bacardi on my BRUISE asswipe! At least I got you sticky with my coke hah. Then I had to walk all the way home alone it felt like someone was lurking behind me haha. Mad fun though. My spongebob slippers are dirty though!

fieldhockey aw man it was even harder today I am so sore! I fell asleep in the car on the way home and then I hear my mom yell "OH SHIT!" she passed PL haha. "uh..ms milano?" lol poor Anita she forgot about you!! <333 Gotta make sure she dosen't have to cross the street though ;-)
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