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wishing death on worthless liars [entries|friends|calendar]
I know somewhere my life won't be like this.

me, friends, photos.
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[18 Sep 2004|08:16am]

[10 Sep 2004|05:13pm]
haha i havent updated in a while school starts monday

blah blah blah the important people know whats been up with me lately. bye

[07 Sep 2004|11:25am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i haven't updated in a while. lets see north carolina was really fun. got very very tan ;) uhm we went wind surfing and omg that lady was so funny. she's fro! lots of inside jokes too many to name them all but i love gabby. haha the blanket incident. and then i came home and snuck out and chilled with bj julie chris and chuck for a little and got caught so now im grounded and sneaking on. eh i might be ungrounded the end of this week. school starts monday oh no!! and i have a scrimmage today. the end!


[27 Aug 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well the other other night me and stacey snuck out and went to trever's window to tell him to come out but he wasn't being a rebel since he was grounded and all. and we tried to burn his screen down with fire! hah. then we walked to chucks house and the cop care house haha we were so stoned. the creek water. lol. then we went back to stacey's and watched aqua teens and ate. omg i fell off of her chair it felt like a rollar coaster ride. mad fun night <3

then it was fieldhockey and gabby came! woo hoo! me and gab went to stacey's that night and then we were walking to pick up some bikes from chuck and omfg...stacey walked up to trevers window and this GUY wearing all black and a jason mask was walked slowly up to me n gab and followed us me n gab were like "hi?" and he just kept following us so we screamed and ran up to stacey and then she went over to him and was like "nice mask" and then he was following her and we ran up to trever's door and was banging on it and he let us in. he was like in trever's yard we were so scared to go outside. then finally trever's mom woke up and we were showing her him but then we figured he was gone. so we were walking back to stacey's and we saw him on red feather and just jetted to stacey's house and went in her room and locked the door lol. then gab looked out her window and was like "omg hes coming in your yard" and stacey looked out and he was RIGHT there and she screamed and shut the window on him and we woke up her mom and right as she had the number dialed he took off his mask and it was.. STEVE! that ASSHOLE! scared the CRAP outta us omfg!! what a crazy ass night. then steve and rooney took us to PL and we did our usual thing haha. then they took us to wawa and we got hot dogs and some munchie food and then we snuck into my house and watched more aqua teens and ate. then we were so tired and went to sleep. TOMORROW = NORTH CAROLINA!

DOWNGRADE! [25 Aug 2004|08:12pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

last night i was chillin with chuck and this girl he's foolin around with named katie lol. we got some trees haha omg we had so much fun. "this song...is mad LONG" "its going to fast!" peeing down the slide. that nigga is up in the tree "you nigga whatchyu want im up here" haha that chicken was so good! It was spicey though. Thanks alot for hitting me with the bottle of bacardi on my BRUISE asswipe! At least I got you sticky with my coke hah. Then I had to walk all the way home alone it felt like someone was lurking behind me haha. Mad fun though. My spongebob slippers are dirty though!

fieldhockey aw man it was even harder today I am so sore! I fell asleep in the car on the way home and then I hear my mom yell "OH SHIT!" she passed PL haha. "uh..ms milano?" lol poor Anita she forgot about you!! <333 Gotta make sure she dosen't have to cross the street though ;-)

[24 Aug 2004|09:22pm]
[ mood | sore ]

god fieldhockey was brutal today! I hurt my side so bad, Kristin hurt her "hip felxor" haha Stacey got hit in the finger inbetween her stick and ball and it looked like a purple grape. The grass is way too high hopefully they will cut it because my drives were stinking on that grass because it was like a jungle. My dribbling was awesome though <3
haha funniest thing today
anita: its brians head kayla its brians head hit it!
me: this ball is way too small to be brians big ass head
i am sorry but that was deffinatly called for

"her nose looks like a cross between an abortion and the Hindenburg. Next time she decides to take a photo of her self with rats tails growing out of her scalp and lable it gorgeous, let me know. Im always in for a good laugh." <-- lmfao some people..

anyways, then me kris kate and anita went to the super Wawa and saw Nicki. We got Slushies in the biggest fattest cups that werent even for the slushies but the old lady didnt notice anyways. Mixing all the different slushies, came out pretty darn tastey if you ask me ;) We were standing there for a while and then the lady was like "you can go now" i was like "oh..." haha so we dropped off anita and she didnt have to cross the street! lmfao! then we drove kate and kris to her house and we talked about jesus on the way there lol. now i am in such a bad mood my side hurts so bad so im going to go ice it holler at me on the flip side.

[23 Aug 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

okay so.. my mom took me to the burlington mall and i got some school clothes (i'll post pictures tomorrow). I saw Bree! I saw Heather Cain too she looks the same hah. Then we went to Wally World and I got the best pillow and most comfortable EVER and named it STD QUEEN ya'll don't know about that cept kaley and gab haha. Then we went uptown and then to Kaley's to pick her up.

We got to Gab's and chilled for a bit then went to Acme to do our usual thing ;) hah! We had so much fun. FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FUH FRANKLIN!, "Speaking of shorties, would anyone like to smoke some illegal narcotics?" pink ninja's, ice ice baby, prankin kenny even though he knew it was us, "finger" painting our nails funky colors, john made a rap for us, tucking gabby in, turning the lights off it was pitch black so i rain up the stair screaming and head butted kaley in her crotch hahaha sooo funny. Well then we hopped in the bed with Gab around four and woke her up.

And then we got up and Bruce woke us up but we went back to sleep. And then we got ready when Gab came home from hockey and then we left for the mall. I got lots of clothes, again, ill post pictures tomorrow. We spent like an hour in AERO and kept going back in there. I lost them in PACSUN because of course Gabbs was starving. Then Heather picked us up and we went home.

I got ready for fieldhockey practice the first day back. Anita picked me up and I was shaving my legs in her car haha like the whole ride, and I was arguing with her little brother because he claimed that he "invent flavored mouth guards" lol. Then we got there and I saw everyone and it was the happiest I have ever been in a long time. Anita was wrapping my stick with Porter's tape and she was like "Is this tape double sided?" .."no.."   "oh no!" haha she was putting it on the wrong way, what a waste of tape. Running omfg it was so hard one lap around I could do, but 2, I was dying my rib cage omg.. "COME ON LADIES RUN OR YOU WILL BE *SNIP SNIP SNIP* CLIPPED!" lmfao!! Stacey needs to bring her stick waxed, gotta have it waxed! SHE HIT MY THIGH! I have the title of the first injury of the season haha. I made them carry me even though its just a bruise and I can walk. Haha we were looking for Ms Sink and went inside through the gym and to her office but she was right outside by us in the first place! Such retarts...well tomorrow my mom better get us some slushies man ;)


and heres an old picture of me and gab in 8th grade!Collapse )


[22 Aug 2004|01:06am]

the dr suess survey so funnyCollapse )


[21 Aug 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

I can officially say that my family is insane. anyway we left at like 7 and I pulled an all-nighter. It was tough but I did it. I talked to John and Kaley most of the night. They are so funny that chat was so fun. So we left and stopped at WaWa and I fell right asleep. Then we got lunch somewhere and then left and I fell asleep again. We got there and it was a bitch to park and me and Eric were making fun of all the geeks we saw. I saw some hot college boys at the frat house they were having a party probably trying to hit on the fresman chicks since the younger, the easier *cough all these 7th and 8th graders cough cough* and we helped eric unpack and stuff. Then we went to the hotel and unloaded it was a niiiiccee hotel!! Then we picked Eric up and went to applebees and then grocerary shopping. I was listening to THRILLER in the car haha gotta love jack-o. Me and mom went in the pool and spa. I am such a good swimmer I wish I did that as a sport but whatever the pool wasn't even cold I miss swimming! Ahh and the spa felt so nice. Then we watch ABC and I took a bath and fell asleep. Then we left and got burger king and came home. Tomorrow Im going school shopping with my lovely ladies Kaley and Gabby and sleeping over at Gabby's. jdhrufsjdf THRILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


[19 Aug 2004|08:48pm]

so i take stupid pictures..

so what?Collapse )


[19 Aug 2004|11:03am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

well lets see yesterday me and gab woke up were about to get ready but then steve came over before we were even ready lol. then kevin called and steve left to go pick him up at that pool place haha gab chased him down the street bc he needed the cell phone or something. then we got ready and kevin and steve came over. then we went to chucks and opened his window and everything and we were lookin for him but he wasnt there.. so we went to filliepe's or w/e and chuck wasnt there either. so we were walking to wawa and i decided to just go on steve's handle bars since it would be much faster, and gab would go on kevin's but she was being gay and refused to so then kevin ditched her and caught up with me and steve then we felt bad and waited for gabby and she was running down by wild geese circle lol. i stole a sprite and 2 snickers from wawa lol and kevin bough chocolate milk for steve *omg sooo goooddd* gab a water and himself a code red then we went in bo-bo's kitchen and kevin got an eggroll lol. then we left and walked down my rode and who do we see none other then jon tim and travis. well since no one likes travis we didnt really talk to them but i didnt know tim and jon really wanted to hang out or we wouldnt have played them lmao. and then me and gab jumped in steve's pool with our clothes on *he has sucha cute house and sucha nice pool* it was all cold. then we chilled in the street talked to some 2nd graders about there motobike lmao and played with "banks" then we just went back to my house because it looked like it was going to rain and me and gab changed outta our wet clothes. then renee and anthony came over and we chilled in my backyard thne we left and went down by tecumsuh but someone wouldnt come out of there house because they were being a little bitch haha. then we walked to aaron's house and picked him up oh and got some crackers.. lol. then me gab and anthony rode up to becky's house but she wasnt allowed out and wouldnt give us any food. lol. so then we rode back and were like, lets go see if chucks got the herbs. so aaron rode on kevins handle bars, steve rode on aaron's skatboard, renee rode on steve's bike, and the crazy lmao..i rode on the handle bars no the bike anthony was riding and gabby rode on the pegs in the back. mad funny we were going so fast it felt like we were going to crash and die, anthony kept whiping his nasty sweat on me, we almost crashed into renee, and omg it was amd funny we just kept cracking up. then we saw chuck and chris and edwin and they were just about to go get the herbs but "we couldnt come" so we were like...eff that and went back to my house and steve and aaron left and we ordered dominos and chilled and talked and ate that goooddd stuff. then chuck stopped by and was like "i got it" nice timing chuck...NOT. w/e lol. so then renee and anthony left and me and gab chilled the rest of the day and then i dunno stanley and brian called and i was like im going out there! and tim and jon were in my front yard so we took tim and his friends truck out to PL. I was all squishd in there! I tried piling stan brian and nick in the car but brian was being a queer and didnt wanna go i wanted to surprise gabby with nick but NoOOooOO ugh w/e maybe next time. and then i came home and gab talked to nick for a little and then brian called and i talked to him for the rest of the night....:( god i miss him why cant he just..ugh!!!!!!! lol and then we fell asleep but then gab had to leave early and i miss her!!

[17 Aug 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

bree's party was mad fun. we got there and char and lisa were there and then peoples came. i got my jean skirt back but not my white one damn kaley still has it! zack rode m on his back while we walked to BK lol and he almost put me in the dumpster..threw me over the bridge into the lake. and then he brushed me up against plants and i got a crazy rash and some scratches on me lol zack bought me fries and a milkshake, well i stole his milkshake haha and we chilled at BK but jimmy said he hates ptown what a faggy fag fag. what else .. oh yeah the drama with deserae damn right squashed them bugs haha jimmy andrew and kenny came and we forked robbie's hair and it got all crazy. did natural high like a million times lol stole some of bree's moms vokda and didsome shots uhh what else! kaley was being really stupid and funny falling down the stairs and "ooh theres fish in there!" and her hurting all over lol. kenny jimmy n andrew came back and they had some jack daniels omg nastiest shtuff ever! >:O gab slapped jimmy lmao and bit him.

then me n gab left early and went to her doctors then taco bell and then we got to gabs house and changed n got ready then tiff took us to franklin...mills..institute lmao. tiff got lost lmao and ran a red light "oh wait, im not supposed to be here" lol and niggas on walkas, with tennis balls! haha and "i like your hair like that, i like the sassy look" and HUNDIEEEE. that stupid kid on the spinny thing that wouldnt let other people go on "uhhh wee uhh uuhhh" me and gab wheel chair raced lol shaq's big shoe, you know what that means? big socks. gabby was flying planes her future career. then we got back to gabs and then went to kmart and then came back and baked a cake and i had like 8 peices lol what else lots of stuff. then we came back to my house and went outside and are right now eating n chillin so holla at us if you wanna chillllllll


[15 Aug 2004|01:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today dad took me shopping. hah DAD took me? it was shocking he actually got up and took me somewhere lol. he's a better shopper too because he spoils me more then my mom. anyways, i got 2 shirts and the ashlee simpson cd & bee's present. then we went and picked up gab and we came back here. watched 13 going on 30 with kevin and eric and my dad lol weirdo boys.. and we got DOMINO's ughhh i love cheesey bread. gab did my makeup lol and she trimmed my bangs and then we gave each other manicures and pedicures, too bad gab spilled the nail polish everywhere and got it on the bathroom mat and then the nail polish remover spilled and got al over the place. we were getting high off the fumes haha and we acted like the chinks *taps foot, taps footbath* you here now! lol. the slapping massage. and then we just chilled cant wait for bree's tommorow woo woo!

[10 Aug 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | awake ]

im guh-rounded! :-(
but this weekend i am off punishment and get to go to bree's happnin' partay. ill take pics, dont you cool kids worry.
MUCH LOVE.. come visit me or call me puh leeezzz soo bored


if the worlds at large why should i remain? [05 Aug 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

gabby i still love you and im not mad at you i wanted to know if you even really care about me or what happens to me. and i know it was just "four days ago" (dosent matter) i just realized that what you did, and didnt do, makes me think do you even really care? and when i walked all the way to whispering pines you were all for it and just got upset that i got in trouble and couldnt go to warped tour with you just because you dont know alicia. is that the only reason you wanted me to go? or you just dont enjoy my company anymore. you've been my bestfriend for a long time and are still going to be i just need to know that you care about me. i mean it seems to me that i only have 2 friends, anita and kate. because they yelled at me like i was their daughter or something and they were worried anbout me. i learned a lesson from them, and that kind of stuff is new to me. i guess im just very sheltered :-/
ive never felt any of these feelings the past events have brought me and they all came one right after another..
which is why im going on that drug kate does. i just wish i could start the summer over again, never checking on brian to see what he was doing, we'd still be together. never getting drunk like that, never using anita like that *im so sorry*, never having to walk there just to see him, never getting into that huge argument with kaley, none of those kind of events. which is why i was upset, still am..


[04 Aug 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | calm ]

well lets see i went to PL and chilled at mikey's with him and mike "maryelloh". then we went to brian's at like 4 in the mourning and then called stan around 6 and I hung out with basically them the whole time. oh and then we went to nick's and we all slept there lol. then we just kinda hung out the whole day. then i came home and took a nap, and then another nap. and then i watched chapelle's show and i guess fell asleep. then mikey called and woke me up. then i fell asleep on the phone with him lol. i sleep way too much! i just wanna say sorry to the people the obviously care about me .. i didnt know anyone did besides my parents...
and that i still miss him...


[01 Aug 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well wasnt this weekend eventful? lmao

i went to columbus with mom then the cherry hill mall and starbucks *of course* got stuff like usual. then she took me to 70 nails *manicure and pedicure felt so good* and then walmart and then we picked up gabby. then we got dropped off at anita's and hung out with her and kate and then we went to the park/middles and hung out there. then me gab stan mike n nick went with stan to go get his check and after that i dont really remember anything... lmao just ask if you really wanna know the craziness that went down. anyways the next mourning i woke up at nicks house. thinking wtf? we stayed the night here? ooookaaayyy. lol we didnt even get caught by his mom oh well i dont think she'd care anyway. so we chilled and then gwen nicole and renee left and then mike and mike came over and then we went for a lil walk and they all left to get stoned as usual so me and gabby went to bjs and hung out with him. awww i had fun! :-D i got a kitten from bj haha only thing is, its a secret so dont tell mommy. haha me and gab are hiding him from my mom under blankets and stuff lol. i fed it a potatoe! his name is dallas. haha chyna, mexico, and dallas. now we are just chillin so bye


HEY KIDDIES. [30 Jul 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i had to get a new journal.
do you know why? i bet you do..
some fat girl delted it, buts its
okay i have an excuse to get a new
one, and you know me. i love change!

so add me back, "friends"


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