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I know somewhere my life won't be like this.

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well wasnt this weekend eventful? lmao

i went to columbus with mom then the cherry hill mall and starbucks *of course* got stuff like usual. then she took me to 70 nails *manicure and pedicure felt so good* and then walmart and then we picked up gabby. then we got dropped off at anita's and hung out with her and kate and then we went to the park/middles and hung out there. then me gab stan mike n nick went with stan to go get his check and after that i dont really remember anything... lmao just ask if you really wanna know the craziness that went down. anyways the next mourning i woke up at nicks house. thinking wtf? we stayed the night here? ooookaaayyy. lol we didnt even get caught by his mom oh well i dont think she'd care anyway. so we chilled and then gwen nicole and renee left and then mike and mike came over and then we went for a lil walk and they all left to get stoned as usual so me and gabby went to bjs and hung out with him. awww i had fun! :-D i got a kitten from bj haha only thing is, its a secret so dont tell mommy. haha me and gab are hiding him from my mom under blankets and stuff lol. i fed it a potatoe! his name is dallas. haha chyna, mexico, and dallas. now we are just chillin so bye
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