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I know somewhere my life won't be like this.

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bree's party was mad fun. we got there and char and lisa were there and then peoples came. i got my jean skirt back but not my white one damn kaley still has it! zack rode m on his back while we walked to BK lol and he almost put me in the dumpster..threw me over the bridge into the lake. and then he brushed me up against plants and i got a crazy rash and some scratches on me lol zack bought me fries and a milkshake, well i stole his milkshake haha and we chilled at BK but jimmy said he hates ptown what a faggy fag fag. what else .. oh yeah the drama with deserae damn right squashed them bugs haha jimmy andrew and kenny came and we forked robbie's hair and it got all crazy. did natural high like a million times lol stole some of bree's moms vokda and didsome shots uhh what else! kaley was being really stupid and funny falling down the stairs and "ooh theres fish in there!" and her hurting all over lol. kenny jimmy n andrew came back and they had some jack daniels omg nastiest shtuff ever! >:O gab slapped jimmy lmao and bit him.

then me n gab left early and went to her doctors then taco bell and then we got to gabs house and changed n got ready then tiff took us to franklin...mills..institute lmao. tiff got lost lmao and ran a red light "oh wait, im not supposed to be here" lol and niggas on walkas, with tennis balls! haha and "i like your hair like that, i like the sassy look" and HUNDIEEEE. that stupid kid on the spinny thing that wouldnt let other people go on "uhhh wee uhh uuhhh" me and gab wheel chair raced lol shaq's big shoe, you know what that means? big socks. gabby was flying planes her future career. then we got back to gabs and then went to kmart and then came back and baked a cake and i had like 8 peices lol what else lots of stuff. then we came back to my house and went outside and are right now eating n chillin so holla at us if you wanna chillllllll
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