I know somewhere my life won't be like this. (look_its_kayla) wrote,
I know somewhere my life won't be like this.

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I can officially say that my family is insane. anyway we left at like 7 and I pulled an all-nighter. It was tough but I did it. I talked to John and Kaley most of the night. They are so funny that chat was so fun. So we left and stopped at WaWa and I fell right asleep. Then we got lunch somewhere and then left and I fell asleep again. We got there and it was a bitch to park and me and Eric were making fun of all the geeks we saw. I saw some hot college boys at the frat house they were having a party probably trying to hit on the fresman chicks since the younger, the easier *cough all these 7th and 8th graders cough cough* and we helped eric unpack and stuff. Then we went to the hotel and unloaded it was a niiiiccee hotel!! Then we picked Eric up and went to applebees and then grocerary shopping. I was listening to THRILLER in the car haha gotta love jack-o. Me and mom went in the pool and spa. I am such a good swimmer I wish I did that as a sport but whatever the pool wasn't even cold I miss swimming! Ahh and the spa felt so nice. Then we watch ABC and I took a bath and fell asleep. Then we left and got burger king and came home. Tomorrow Im going school shopping with my lovely ladies Kaley and Gabby and sleeping over at Gabby's. jdhrufsjdf THRILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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